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Secure Payment

We place great value on your safety and your peace of mind when shopping with us. Therefore, we have an agreement with DIBS that handles our credit card transactions.

DIBS is offering payment services and is handling customers financial information. Therefore it is obvious that secure payments are vital parts in DIBS processes and systems. DIBS was one of the first suppliers of payment services over the internet to pass credit card companies (VISA, Mastercard a.o.) PCI certification.

PCI (Payment Card Industry) certification is an extensive program aiming higher data security among all parties that saves, processes or transmits credit card data.
The PCI certification is received after being checked by a certified IT auditor on the basis of an extensive check list that has been controlled and approved. The internal as well as the external security is checked.
The checklist consists of more than 200 items and is touching the complete IT security on the basis of six main groups.

1. General network security.
2. Protection of credit card information.
3. System security,
4. Acess controll.
5. Continous surveilance and network test.
6. Security policy.

Authorization with 3D-Secure

3D-Secure technology is developed by VISA and Mastercard to identify the credit card holder when purchasing online. The identification process is equivalent to the one on the ATM machines and is based on using a pin code/password when purchasing online. With this technolgy the sales company gets a reduction of the risc and the credit card holder can be sure that the card isn´t being abused.

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