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Sofa guide

The sofa is often the most used piece of furniture in the home. It is on the couch reading, watching TV and spending time with your kids. The sofa is the center of the home. Buying a useful sofa that will last for many years can be a difficult thing. Please use our tips to simplify your purchase!

Sofa types

One can say that there are four types of sofas, each with its own special characteristics, namely the classic corner sofa, divan sofa, u sofa and sofa bed. A corner sofa with or without divan takes up a lot of space, but is often nice and made ​​of durable and comfortable material. Divan sofa is perfect for smaller living room, either alone or in combination with another podium an armchair, or in the teen's room. The sofa bed acts as a sofa with or without divan with the difference that it also has a fold bed in the frame.

The first thing to consider when you want to buy a sofa, then, what kind of sofa you want. It is your needs and requirements, and the available space in your home, which determines the sofa to choose. In this assessment, you definitely must add the price, if price is important to you. A large sofa ex wise a corner sofa, for example, are almost always more expensive than a smaller divansoffa. It depends, of course, that it is much bigger, has more padding and of course have more materials consumed to produce the couch.

The Howard sofa

So-called Howard sofas are popular, classic sofas in the English style, which has been incredibly popular in Sweden, but also in Europe and North America since they first launched in the 1800s by an English company named Howard & Sons, and came giving these couches their names. In Sweden, they were for a long time favored, but quite unknown, as they were not super modern at some point, but rather something that was bought by those who preferred a timeless style. Today, however, more and more started to realize that there are many benefits of a timeless and classic decor, then this means that you do not need to replace it to decorate with as often, and they usually do not get tired of the timeless style just as quickly, which made Howard sofas got a real boost.


Most of today's sofas are stuffed with cold foam ball fiber and down. Sometimes there is foam in sofas. Polyether and cold foam quality is measured by volume weight, kilograms per cubic meter. The higher volume weight a seat cushion has, the better the durability. Volume weight is usually not communicated to the customer. A sofa can feel very soft and comfortable, low bulk density, but it has a short life and falls lightly together when using it for a while. Our sofas will always contain so much cold foam as it's possible for the model to have a combination of quality and comfort.

Some sofas are stuffed with down, but then it's a little more expensive couches. Although this varies quality and it is important how the cushion is sewn. It can not just be a big bag that you pour dun in. There should be a channel sewn so that the down stays in place.

Here one must be prepared to push a little on the pads when doing weekly cleaning.

To buy a sofa online

It is of course always an advantage to be able to sit in a couch before buying it. You cannot do that when you buy a sofa online, if not the same model is available to try in your local furniture store. Please call us and we can give you information about competitors in your area where you can try the couch. However, there is no other direct cons of buying a sofa online. You get all the information you need to make a good choice. In addition, freight rates are clearly advantageous, if you do not even get free shipping, that is. However, remember to look a little closer at the rules for returns. If you really do not like the sofa you get home, you want to be able to exchange or return it as easy and painless as possible. We offer you full 14 days money back guarantee.

5 Things to Consider

  • Select a darker sofa if you have children. A darker sofa is more resistant to stains and dirt.
  • Choose a sofa with removable covers if you want to be able to wash the sofa by yourself.
  • Determine your needs and how you will use the couch. Are you two in the household who fight over the divan? You could buy a U sofa and you will have your own divan.
  • Measure, measure and measure the spot where the sofa to stand. Remember not to buy too big or too small sofa. Do you have difficulty imagining how big the couch is? Tape up the sofa size in the floor with masking tape. You will then get an understanding of how big sofa you really are ordering. Should the longer the divan to be on the left or right side?
  • Choose a sofa with care from a recognized e-commerce that only have sofas from big factories in its range. Such a choice guarantees that you will be pleased with the sofa quality and comfort.

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